LATIHAN SOAL UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP dan MTs Lengkap Dengan Kunci Jawaban



TOPIKTREND.COM, LATIHAN SOAL UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP dan MTs Lengkap Dengan Kunci Jawaban – Berikut Latihan Soal UAS SMP dan MTs Kelas 7 Bahasa Inggris. Soal latihan UAS ini juga dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban yang bisa digunakan untuk melatih kemampuan siswa dalam menjawab soal.

Terlebih untuk mempersiapkan diri dalam menghadapi UAS Ujian Akhir Semester.

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Soal latihan ini terdiri dari soal pilihan ganda yang mengulas tentang Materi Bahasa Inggris.

Berikut soal latihan yang dikutip dari sejumlah sumber diantaranya dari

Semoga soal latihan UAS dan kunci jawaban ini dapat membantu semata-mata untuk belajar dan mengasah kemampuan siswa.

Berikut Topiktrend menyajikan LATIHAN SOAL UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP dan MTs Lengkap Dengan Kunci Jawaban:

1. Tulis namamu di sudut kanan atas
2. Bacalah setiap soal dengan teliti.
3. Kerjakan dulu soal yang kamu anggap mudah.
4. Periksa kembali pekerjaanmu sebelum diserahkan pada pengawas.

A. Berilah tanda silang (x) didepan huruf a,b atau c didepan jawaban yang benar !

This picture below is for the questions 1 to 3
Observe the picture!

1. How many fish can you see in the picture?
A. Seven fish C. Five fish
B. Six fish D. Four fish

2. The …. fly on the trees.
A. Cow C. Chicken
B. Birds D. Fish

3. The cows eat …
A. Bone C. Fish
B. Grass D. Birds

4. This animal lives in the sea and has tentacles. What animal is it?
A. Octopus C. Zebra
B. Elephant D. Tiger

5. A rabbit has two long ears, a small tail and ….
A. Shell C. Fur
B. Horns D. Claws

This text below is for the questions 6 to 8
My Favorite Animal
My favorite animal is rabbit. Rabbit has two long ears. Its eyes are big and black,
but when it is dark its eyes are red. It has two long teeth. Its nose is small and soft pink.
Its tail is soft, round and small like a cotton ball. Its legs are small. It doesn’t walk,
it jumps. It is vegetarian and its favorite food are carrots.
Rabbits are very funny.
6. How many ears does the rabbit have?
A. Two ears C. Four ears
B. Three ears D. Five ears

7. Does it has short teeth?
A. Yes, it does C. Yes, it doesn’t
B. No, it does D. No, it doesn’t

8. What is the title of the text?
A. Rabbits are very funny C. My Favorite Animal
B. My Animal D. Rabbit

This picture below is for the questions 9 and 10

He is Giring Nidji. He is a singer. His songs are very famous. He is 170 cm and her
skin is brown. He has …. (9) hair and black. He has …. (10) eyes and brown. He is very

9. A. Straight B. Blonde C. Curly D. Bald
10. A. Round B. Slanting C. Big D. long

Observe the dialogue below and answer the question 11 and 12
Father : Sin, can you help me, please?
Sinta : Yes, dad.
Father : Can you get me the newspaper?
Sinta : Where is it?
Father : Emm… May be it’s on the table.
Sinta : Yes, I got it.
Father : Thanks for helping me.
Sinta : It’s ok dad. Don’t worry, anytime.
11. In the text above Sinta is a …. girl. She is ready to help her father anytime.
A. Lazy C. Beautiful
B. Kind D. Smart

12. How many characters are there in the dialogue above?
A. Two C. Three
B. One D. Four

13. My father is a doctor. He examines … carefully.
A. Patients C. Students
B. Fashions D. Books

This text below is for the questions 14 to 16
Mr. Fahri, the Farmer
Mr. Fahri is very happy. The rainy season of this year makes the farm beautiful. It
is planting time. Rice fields become fresh and green during this season and by the end
of this season Mr. Fahri is ready to harvest his crops.
Mr. Fahri ploughs the land at the beginning of the rainy season. Then, he usually
works early and finishes at noon. Milking the cows, feeding the livestock, and cleaning
the barns are among Mr. Fahri’s duties before breakfast. He does most of the hard
outdoor work by himself.
14. What is a farm like during the rainy season?
A. Beautiful C. Cloudy
B. Happy D. Rain

15. When does Mr. Fahri’s workday end?
A. Morning C. Early morning
B. Night D. Noon

16. When does Mr. Fahri plough the land?
A. At the end of noon C. At the end of the rainy season
B. At the beginning of land D. At the beginning of the rainy season

This text below is for the questions 17 to 19
Rania is my sister. She is a … (17). She works in a …. (18) of Sukabumi city. She helps
the doctor and look after the patients. She gives the patients the …(19), and she often
talks to them and listen their problem.
17. A. Patient B. Doctor C. Nurse D. Dentist

18. A. Office B. Hospital C. School D. Market

19. A. Stove B. Medicine D. Blackboard D. School uniform

20. My father is a science teacher. He specialized in teaching living things. For example, he
explains parts of a flower to his students.
The meaning of the underlined word is ….
A. Menyanyikan C. Menyimpan
B. Menyebutkan D. Menjelaskan

This text below is for the questions 21 and 22
Mr. Bahri is giving some instructions to be done for his students. Observe his
instruction and answer the question that follows.
Attention please!
 Please work in groups of four or five.
 Observe the environment around you.
 Two groups observe the same objects.
 Here are the things to observe.
1. The number of family members in your own home.
2. Their characters (in your opinion), I mean wether they are nice, helpful, etc.
3. Name animal(s) around you.
4. The school personals I mean How many teachers, school guards, security, etc.
All right well done. Have a nice work with your partner and I am waiting for the result
in three days.
21. In the text above Mr. Bahri ask the students to observe some objects.
What are meant by objects?
A. Benda-benda C. Sasaran
B. Tujuan D. Masalah

22. Are the school staff among the objects need to observe?
A. Yes, they are C. No, they aren’t
B. Yes, they do D. No, they don’t

Observe the dialogue below and answer the question 23 to 25
Jihan : Good morning, Ms. Yuli.
Ms. Yuli : Good morning, Jihan.
Jihan : I’m sorry, I’m late.
Ms. Yuli : That’s OK. Come in, please.
Jihan : Thank you.
Ms. Yuli : Right. Now, Look at the picture. What’s this in English, Jesica?
Jesica : It’s a ruler.
Ms. Yuli : Good. Now open your book on page ten and study the dialogue.
23. Who is late?
A. Ms. Yuli C. Jesica
B. Jihan D. Mr. Yuli

24. What does Jihan say to Ms. Yuli?
A. I’m sorry, to hear that C. I’m sorry, I don’t understand
B. I’m sorry, I’m late D. I’m sorry, come in.

25. The sentences below are the instruction, except…
A. Come in, please.! C. Open your book!

B. Look at the picture! D. What is your name?
This text below is for the questions 26 and 27

26. The caution above warns us to ….
A. Make the flower wet
B. Walk on the slippery floor
C. Be careful to walk on the wet floor
D. Clean the wet floor so it won’t be slippery

27. Where do you usually find the notice above?
A. On the street C. In the market
B. In the garden D. In the hospital

28. What does the notice mean?
A. The machine is out
B. The machine is broken
C. The machine is not in order
D. The machine is out of order

29. Lisna : Give me the chili sauce, please.
Zul : ….
A. Here you are C. No, thanks
B. Never mind D. It is so nice

30. Saskya : Don’t play the music too loud, Dila. It disturbs me.
Dila : Sorry, I don’t mean it.
Saskya : ….
Dila : O.K, no problem.
A. Turn it down. C. Please put it here.
B. Don’t play outside. D. Come in, please.

For number 31 below read the notice
Line – cross – don’t – police – the
1 2 3 4 5
31. Arrange these words above into a good notice.
A. 4-5-3-2-1 C. 3-2-5-4-1
B. 4-3-5-2-1 D. 3-2-1-4-5

This picture below for number 32.
32. The right sentence for warning sign above is ….
A. Do not feed the cow. C. Do not take the cow.
B. Do not play in the pond. D. Stay away from the fence.

Line cross don’t police the
33. According to the picture above, the correct sentence is….
A. Turn on mobile phone.
B. Turn off mobile phone.
C. Don’t put mobile phone.
D. Don’t give mobile phone.

34. What does the teacher probably say to the student?
A. Open the door.
B. Close the window.
C. Sit down.
D. Clean the board.

off – your – before – computer – turn – leaving
1 2 3 4 5 6
35. Arrange these words above into a good instruction.
A. 5-1-2-4-3-6 C. 5-1-6-3-4-2
B. 5-1-3-6-2-4 D. 5-1-3-4-2-6

This text below is for the questions 36 to 40

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